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Specialising in live streaming and broadcast, Impact Media can bring an international audience


We have produced everything from documentaries to TV adverts and work with a variety of well known brands 



Social media is an integral part of any business or event. We use our qualified staff to bring virility 



We understand the equine world and work closely with show organisers around the world as well as some of the biggest brand names



Want to introduce or improve video, live coverage or social media to your business or event? Let our specialists help!


Impact Media is a production company that specialises in live events and digital media. 

We work with a variety of well known international clients and at venues including the NEC and Liverpool Echo.  With a wide and varied experience, the work we do in a single week can stretch from a single camera live stream at a conference to an international sporting event with multi-cameras, presenters, commentators and slow motion replays which is not only broadcast live around the world but will also be formed into a highlight show for channels including Sky Sports. 

Our dedicated team bring broadcast experience from a wide range of genres. From documentaries to sporting shows that have attracted world wide distribution. No matter what the project, we bring the same passion and attention to detail. 

The digital and social media team are expert in building online campaigns that deliver. Whether you are looking to build your companies profile, increase ticket sales or just grow your online presence, they are waiting to do it with Impact.  



We do it with impact!



Bringing a wider audience to your event has never been easier or better value for money. We use industry standard equipment and create an output which can be sent around the world, or geoblocked to certain territories

Webcasting your event will make it an urgent entity and has been proven to increase ticket sales. For conferences and business purposes, it allows your company to come together without logistical restrictions or cost prohibitive travel. 

Our friendly team will work with you to find a solution that meets both your requirments and budget. No matter whether it's a single camera stream or TV style broadcast, we will deliver with Impact! 

From conferences to live sports coverage for Sky Sports, we do it with Impact! 
You're in control and you can even create a new revenue stream from advertising 
Bring a wider audience and breakdown logisitcal barriers 
In-depth analytics, geoblocking, white label players and on-demand availability are just some of the features we offer as standard
Facebook Live and adding tweets to the stream are just two ways we ingrate with social media 


Whether you are already working in radio or if you have always wanted to give it a go, Impact Radio Training is for you! 
Our studio is set up using industry equipment and we also have our own training station "Impact Radio" which means you will be using our jingles, sweepers and other 'imaging'! 
You will work with an experienced broadcaster and the training will be bespoke to the level you are at. 
No experience is necessary. Come find out what goes on behind the scenes and how everything works! If already in the industry and want to sharpen your skills or spice up your showreel, then look no further! 
You'll leave with an edited showreel and a record of everything you do. 
Coming Soon... 

Equestrian INDUSTRY

Impact Media undertakes a variety of work but when it comes to equestrian, the experience of our team is vast. 

Our founder is an international showjumping official and qualified instructor who commentates for both television and at live events around the world. On top of this, our production manager has overseen the broadcasts at two World Equestrian Games and produced a serial programme for the FEI which had worldwide distribution. We understand the equine world! 

Using our knowledge and experience, we work with a variety of clients around the world and with governing bodies such as British Showjumping. Our output has also been seen on Sky Sports, ITV and NBC Sport. 

Whether you are looking for some stunning social media coverage or want to broadcast your event to a global audience, we can help. 

A shop window to the world! We can break down geographical restrictions and create an urgency about your event. Drive traffic to your website and reach millions through tools such as Facebook live!

Live streaming & Broadcast

Press and Social media 

Let's keep people talking! We can create a campaign of highlight videos and interviews to create a real buzz and sense of importance. Our specialist camera operators can capture events in a modern and artistic way. 


Due to the knowledge and experience of our team, we work with clients in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico and China. 

A New Revenue Source

When used correctly, adding video can help create new revenue and increase the reach of your event or business. 


Let's get people talking...

The world of social media is constantly changing and it's important that your online presence and strategies keep up! 

We work with events, businesses and private clients  to ensure their outlets are delivering. 

The days of just putting stuff on Facebook have gone. Let us show you how some simple changes can create much greater success. 

Our social media team can help with a range of tools from press release creation, video content, cross posting with other related organisations and much more. This is a service we can help with individually but is often included when we are producing coverage from events. 




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