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With a global reach and a passion to engage, we'd love to work with you

No matter the production, we are storytellers at heart. Our creatives capture attention in a world filled with distractions. We are driven by passion and thrive on success. 

We believe in building relationships and partnering with our customers to form strategies that work. 

Broadcast & Streamig
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Brining a global reach to your event has never been easier

Every brand and business can use live content to give a sense of immediacy and urgency. There is an innovative  option available for sports, events, product launches, conferences and brand updates. 

Whether you need a single camera live stream or your are looking to create a television broadcast or webcast, we are ready to bring a solution that offers value and a return on investment. 

Our live productions offer social media integration, footage that can be repurposed, insightful analytics and even a new revenue source.

Creative Working


Connect, build your community and grow your reach

Don't let the competition beat you to it, the time to act is now. Luckily, there's never been an easier way to grab the attention of your audience or market. Content is king, it is driving every market. 


We can offer a turnkey solution by us creating and driving campaigns for our customers.


However we also offer something different,  a hybrid model which sees us support smaller business, athletes and public figures by showing them how to create their own content by using our ready designed content guide and templates.

This is for everyone. We work with sports people who tell us they have nothing to sell, then they ask how they can attract sponsors. Everyone is a brand and we can help build a community that brings conversion. 

Digital Marketing
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"How much time have you invested on creating content for social media today?"



It's time to make your video assets work for you

It takes daily content to create a following and it needs to be across various platforms. We make this simple. 


The content we create is consumer focused and ready to grab attention. It's also made to be repurposed in a way that can be part of a cross-platform campaign.  

Our digital team works with clients to ensure every asset is utilised to achieve maximum value, return and results.

Digital Content


A company that understands the equestrian world

We enjoy working with clients from all industries but equestrian events, riders and brands need someone who understand horses. Our experience and knowledge in this area is unbeatable. 

Impact's founder, Adam Cromarty, is a broadcaster who has covered equestrian sports across various channels, from the BBC in the UK to CBS Sports in the USA. In addition he is an FEI Judge, qualified coach and a collumnist for Horse & Hound. 

This expertise has led Impact to work with events around the world, including the Royal Windsor Horse Show, FEI Asian Championships in Thailand, Washington International Horse Show and many more. 

Whether it's digital marketing, public relations, press releases or anything else, Impact's full service offering is the natural choice for the equestrian world. 

Recent Project

Recent Project

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Impact Media

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